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Our Team

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Aman Bardia (they/she/he)

works at the Platform Cooperativism Consortium. Their research is based on uneven capitalist development in South Asia.

Srishti Yadav (she/her)

is an Assistant Professor at Azim Premji University. Her primary interest is in teaching political economy. Her research focuses on agrarian change and labor relations in North India.

Kalpa Rajapaksha (he/him)

is a Professor at the University of Peradeniya. He is actively engaged in studying and galvanizing the philosophy and politics of class struggle, praxis, and liberation.

Akhil SG (he/him)

is a graduate student in Nonprofit Management at the New School. He is the founding president of Sahridhaya and works as a consultant for various initiatives at the intersection of social impact and technology.

Mir Suhail (he/him)

is a political cartoonist and illustrator based in New York City. He is from Indian-occupied Kashmir, where he grew up and started his political cartooning career drawing for a local daily at the age of fourteen. He has since drawn cartoons for leading print and digital news media, magazines, publishers, and non-profit organizations in the Indian sub-continent and internationally.

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